The Heart of Hospitality : Jess's Experience in the Industry

 By Jason Grant  Feature Story  An enthusiastic photo of Jessica Webb captured smiling.  In the heart of every bustling hotel, amidst the clinking of glasses and the murmur of conversations, there exist a hidden world- a world of tireless dedication, unwavering hospitality, and boundless passion. Its a world inhabited by unsung heroes of the hospitality industry whose behind the scenes efforts ensure that every guest's experience is nothing short of exceptional. Join us as we step behind the front desk of a hospitality worker unraveling the mysteries of her daily routine and uncovering the stories that lead to her  success.  Unlike any other, Jess's story is quite a unique one to tell, breaking into the industry after a vacation with family captivated her through the whole experience. This is where She discovered her love for the industry after vacationing with her family at DoubleTree by Hilton resort Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Impressed by her trip she decided to explore

How To Plan For Your Year

By Jason Grant  Planning Ahead  Some days I sit high in a cloud, surrounded by all my thoughts, ranging from short-term plans to long-term goals and of course, the bad ideas that constantly attempt to worm their way into the good ones.  Well, hello there!  What's going on in that powerful, beautiful, majestic mind of yours? feeling indecisive? lost? or helpless?  My dear one, you are not alone. Have no fear because all the answers are deeply rooted within  you or you just might need to find new inspiration and motivation to build your drive and focus on achieving all that you desire. This is what I found out just from watching motivational YouTube videos and listening to and reading audio books that are geared towards self-help and development. It is no secret that the enemy within us will oftentimes try to convince us that we are incapable of achieving our goals. I am here to tell you that you should just take the risk, give it your all, and make your plans a reality.  This is the

Year In Review

  By Jason Grant            A Year in Review  What's in your garden? Has it blossomed or bear fruit? or did you allow it to run wild? Either way, you're guaranteed a result. The trickiest part is that you can't expect to reap what you did not sow. Of course, Grantinspo blogposts is one of the best places that you can go for unhinged motivation, how-to, and a wide range of other topics to learn from and discuss.   2023 commenced with a project to create a vision board for the year and plans we intend to take on. Nothing beats having a vision of what you intend to take action on. What a vision board does is, give you the ability to navigate, and it makes it easier for you to manifest your vision rather than doing things aimlessly. Its more gratifying when done with a clear intention and witnessing it come to fruition.  Get your Vision Out The next projects for the blog focused mainly on feature stories of people beating the odds, and breaking the normative pattern, and bringi

Get It Together

 By Jason Grant  Trees along the creek at night dancing in the gentle summer breeze. photo by Jason Grant  They say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn, but how can we operate and navigate our dark times?  While walking home late one night from work after completing a double shift in the summer, I stopped to  admire the water rushing down the stream, echoing in the wilderness of the night, splashing against the  rocks as if nothing in its path could prevent it from going forward. At that moment, I took a brief pause  and I thought to myself, what if all that is holding me back could be cut loose if I pushed a little harder against it  all? As I continued on my way home, I started to put together a plan in my mind and think about how to  start at the break of dawn the next day.  A lot of people wish they had it all figured out, planned, organized and ready to be executed, but  Sometimes we are held back by situations that arise causing us to lose focus on what the ultimate goa

A Success Story-From Bullying to Professional Psychiatrist

Human Interest Feature  by Jason Grant  A moment of acknowledgement for  Dr. James at a workshop at the Cecil Charlton Hall. Photo by anonymous   Imagine yourself attending high school surrounded by schoolmates who constantly tease you about things beyond your control. That is not a favorable experience for anyone, especially during the teenage years. This was what young Melissa had to endure in order to be a success story today.  Born Mellissa Mae Tennant Now, Dr. Mellissa Mae Tennant-James is a determined woman who is the third child for her mother and possibly the first for her father. She describes herself as organized, hardworking, disciplined, career-driven, and considerate.  On the journey to her success Melissa attended Bishop Gibson High School for Girls, where she recalls being bullied for her uniform. She was teased by students from first form to fifth form about wearing a fisherman’s jacket, and in her fourth year of high school, her mother made her uniform. She said she wa

Coach Lewin, Personal Development Coach Publishing Her First Book

Coach Lewin, Personal Development Coach Publishing Her First Book By Jason Grant Coach Lewin posing for greatness with her newly published book entitled “Shaping A Better Me”  Photo by Jason Grant  The humble beginnings of Christine Russell-Lewin is a story that can motivate anyone who is seeking to find their purpose in life, which she used as steppingstones now blossoming into her first published book. Filled with passion, energy and drive, Christine Russell Lewin started out from a place where many would describe as a humble beginning in a community where nothing seemed to happen. Little did she know that her popularity and brilliance from primary school would be qualities that created impact and propelled her to be  counted amongst those who made something of their life, which made her realize that there are others in the same situation who are in need of her help. Life Coach, counselor and Social worker Christine Russell Lewin has said that “ I realized that from I started my firs

Get Your Vision Out

 By Jason Grant  Good morning at Midnight !  Happy New Year everyone! may this New Year bring you Prosperity, wealth, and Good health.  This is my year of expansion therefore that is what I will be focusing my intention on this year.  I have already decided what I want my vision board to look like and I hope that you have done the same.  Photo by Bookthoughs Something about this season awakens new hope in me. New hope in the sense that I get to reflect on the  previous year, review my progress see what I have accomplished and of course creating the new vision for  2023! can You tell How excited I am for this new season?  I don't know about you but I don't like staying in a season for too long so whenever the change comes I  embrace them.  Grab your cup of chocolate tea, some meditation music and all your art resources because it's time to get  creative and be inspired. I have been to several vision board parties and let me tell you, each time I attend  a different vision bo